We provide sitting services for nearly every species. We have experience in dogs, cats, horses, birds and exotics.

Our services include: administration of medication/fluids, nail trims, ear cleanings, and simple grooms. In addition to the loving care of your pet(s), we also provide home security by bringing in the mail; opening and closing blinds/curtains and alternating lights. We make every effort to make your home have that 'lived in' look.

How Our Service Works

When you call Path Dwellers, we will arrange a visit to your home to shortly before you leave to:

  • Meet you and your pets
  • Get detailed information about care for them and your home
  • Pick up a key to your home or apartment

During this visit, you decide how often you want us to visit each day you’re away and what services you want performed.  Our fees are based on the number of pets and the number of visits per day.

While you’re away, we will:

  • Feed and water your pets
  • Exercise them
  • Administer medication, vitamins, and other special care
  • Get medical treatment in case of illness

When you return, we will make arrangements to return your key, if not left on last visit or given to us to keep for future visits, send out your invoice and customer satisfaction survey  to make sure you and your pet(s) are satisfied.

Even if you are not leaving home, there may be instances where we can be of service.  Unusual working hours or lengthy illnesses may make it difficult to properly care for your pet.  Please call to discuss how we may help.